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Energy and sound session

Why energy and sound healing …


Everything in this universe is composed of molecules that are vibrating at various frequencies.....


Which means, the molecules located within our bodies are constantly vibrating and radiating positive or negative, balanced or unbalanced, opened, or closed frequencies.



 When our organs are misaligned energetically and radiating low-vibrational frequencies, it can materialize into physical ailments, like pains, sickness and disease because the vibration of the molecule is out of " tune"


When energies become blocked because of trauma, toxins, prolonged stress and muscular constrictions, it creates disturbances in the energy flow in our bodies, which over time contributes to mental, emotional issues and/or ailments and physical disease.


In these sessions, we work through areas in the body that are blocked to enable the re-tuning of our energy flow on a cellular level.

Book a private event

Looking to bring relaxation, embodiment, sound, or mindfulness practices to a group, book a private event.

 Bring sound, guided relaxation, embodiment into the work place, to any special occasion, or get a private group together. Each private event booking is Individualized for the groups unique requests.

Did you know that that these practices are proven to reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, increase resilience, aid creativity, and increase your emotional intelligence.

Group Meditation

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